Sharlot Mutuyemaria came from Masaka Nyendo to receive her miracle after suffering for over one year. What started as a simple visit to a so- called priest (Byukushenje) in Rwanda in search for deliverance for her son turned out to be a nightmare! Upon reaching that place, she was given a white cloth and a spear for protection and the ” priest” told her to join them in appeasing Nyabingi since the spirits had chosen her to serve them. Demons begun to manifest in her, when her mother came to help her, she would also be attacked by the evil spirits..she started experiencing nightmares of snakes chasing her and felt a heavy load on her back. Tired and in search for deliverance, Sharlot decided to try Jesus at the 77 Dogs. Upon reaching church, the demons again attacked her so much that she couldn’t walk, even speak. She was just drugged to the front and the demons begun to manifest her and as the prayers intensified, the Holy spirit touched her and made her whole.