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Believers from Worship Harvest Ministries have donated a consignment of items to Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, commonly known as Jinja Hospital, in the city of Jinja, eastern Uganda. In a Statement, the Church said on Monday its missional community labelled “No Limits” visited the Special Care Unit and donated baby clothes, bars of soap, feeding tubes, syringes among others.

The team also prayed for sick babies, and encouraged their parents as well.

This hospital is the largest hospital in eastern Uganda, with 11 wards and a private wing, both of which have a bed capacity of 600. According to the hospital authorities, the facility, which was elevated to regional referral status in 1994, has about 20 doctors, 16 consultants and 185 nurses serving a population of about five million strewn across Busoga region and parts of neighboring Buganda.

The facility is expected to provide treatment and care for, among others, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV/Aids and psychiatric problems, but meager resources and manpower shortages make provision of quality service impossible, and when many more patients are admitted, they sleeping on the floor.

In July 2009, a new 20-bed intensive care unit (ICU) was commissioned with funding from the government and the rotary clubs of Jinja and Oregon but reports claim it is under-utilized.

Its equipment often remains idle since there is no specialized staff to operate and maintain it.

“The “No Limits” mission community serves with our hospitality team every Sunday at Worship Harvest, Jinja and contributes towards the weekly hospitality expenses,” the Church said.

The group also donated Dextrose 5% for the 13 babies that were in ICU.

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