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The united bid of USA, Canada and Mexico have won the rights to host the 2026 World Cup.

MOSCOW — The United States will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup after its three-way bid – along with Mexico and Canada – was granted staging rights during a vote here on Wednesday.

The 1994 World Cup set an attendance record that still stands with nearly 3.6m spectators (for only 52 matches), which augurs a record-smashing profit of $11bn for the expanded 48-team, 80-match tournament in 2026. That was twice what Morocco could promise.

With the breakdown of voting results made public, the United bid claimed 134 votes, with 64 giving their support to Morocco and one country voting for neither bid.

In 2026, it is likely to return to its usual position in the summer months following the end of the regular seasons in the majority of the European leagues. If it follows this path, World Cup 2026 will likely start in the middle of June and finish in the middle of July.

Due to the fact that it will be 50 per cent bigger than previous tournaments, the competition could take longer or else more games will be played each day to accommodate for the extra teams and additional fixtures.

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