Maurice Kirya outs new gospel song

Ugandan musician Maurice Kirya has once again caught the attention of believers nearly eight years since the release of ‘Misubbaawa,’ a Church themed hit in which he used Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world,” to make an appeal to Christians to let their light shine so as to bring people to the love of Jesus.

Maurice on May 10 unveiled his latest gospel single labeled ‘Nze Ani?,’ a luganda word loosely translated to mean ‘who am I?”

By press time the video had received over 3,120 views on Youtube, with a notable number of social media users expressing excitement over the what they called lyrical maturity and excellence portrayed by the singer.

“I have heard songs, legends being praised all around the world, but all have not touched my heart like how Maurice Kirya’s lyrics do, maybe I would be dead sometime back, but here I am and willing to say that this ‘mwoyo’ music has lifted my spirit and connected me to the frequency of the universe, am inspired by every world and low notes in Maurice’s songs,” one fan, Esther Kishan Kyazze remarked.

In the song, Maurice Kirya stresses how he is amazed by the depth of God’s love, what He [God] has brought him through and enabled him to accomplish in life. To this, Maurice vows to surrender everything to the creator.

“I want you to know that I am thankful,” so goes the lyrics to the low tempo song.

Maurice while posting the video on his official Facebook page added a cation, “Music video will get you on your knees!”

“Every now and then you prove that you mastered the art of music. Your music stand out and that uniqueness in it always puts you in a very unique position in the Ugandan music fraternity,” another fan, Nakyazze Sarah Chrisha said.

The song was produced at Game Over Yard studios and Video shot by (a one) Isaac for SoloFX. On vocals, the singer included renown vocalists,  Jemimah Kisa and Sheeba Mwiza.

By Kiruuta Peter – Channel 44 Tv 

Watch the Video Here

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